Associate of Applied Science Degree in Management & Administration Internship Success Story

The following is a success story from a student who recently earned the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Management and Administration.

The Hubbard College degree program consists of many individual courses, each covering a specific subject vital to successful administration. As each course is completed, the student must successfully complete an apprenticeship where he applies the material studied in order to graduate that course.

When the student completes all the courses in the degree program, an internship is completed wherein they put all of their training into practice. The internship requires evidence of successful application attested to by the supervising business owner or executive. The internship program enables students to gain real-life experience applying all of the materials studied in the degree program to produce real-world results, making them a valuable asset in any organization.

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Management & Administration Internship

Success Story

It was a pleasure working with the CEO of StormMaker Productions on my internship.

The first thing I did was fine-tune the company organizing board — they had an org board, but it was out-dated and too broad. I re-did the org board to fit their current scene so it would be more in-line with the actual needs of the company.

I then derived proper statistics for each of the departments so the department heads would not only know what their products were but they would also have statistics to measure them.

These were then added to the org board itself so they could thereafter use it to post future personnel.

Next I established statistics for the entire company. I worked out what statistics they could use and scaled the graphs to properly show the trends for the past 4-5 weeks up to the present.

I then worked with the CEO to apply the correct condition, setting quotas and production targets and then got her to fully apply the condition steps. Sure enough, they all of a sudden got more jobs coming in!

The CEO figured this happened because I got her to actually do the steps: that was quite amazing — applying the condition and target steps immediately produced a definite result.

I have experienced a lot of things and I feel that this internship was like shooting a movie for me.

When I did one thing, something happened; I did another thing, another result came up, etc.

Those were like the different scenes in a movie. And with the tech, I was able to spot what was missing or incorrect and so correct it before continuing with the movie.

As I did different tasks, the movie got better and better, until it eventually became a well-shot, well-crafted film with great public response!

I would like to thank everybody at the College and my parents for always helping me out!

Thank you very much! I had a great time!

Weber Chung

Note: For more information on the conditions technology mentioned in this testimonial, see the following blog post for the booklet The Conditions Formulas or go here: