Consultant Intern Resolves Long-Standing “Unresolvable” Quality Control Issue

“In only three weeks, I was able to resolve a Product Quality issue at my internship site that had been unresolved for four years!”

Alex Hodgkinson

Alex Hodgkinson CL0 Feb 2012 300x193 1, Hubbard College of Administration

I never had much certainty in life and I certainly never thought I could be an executive let alone resolve a business problem.

Thanks to my administrative training at Hubbard College, I now have more certainty than I have ever had; I inspire confidence not only among my family and friends but at the businesses I intern at as well.

I am more stable and I KNOW I can apply what I have learned to real companies and get real results – every time.

By applying the technology I have learned, I have been able to resolve many problems for the sites I have interned at, ranging from financial situations to increasing new client arrivals and repairing long-term product quality issues that substantially improved the conditions at these companies.

I know with complete certainty that I will be a successful business consultant – I have absolutely no doubts whatsoever about that and it is great to KNOW this, as I have never had this kind of certainty before!