“No college program I’ve heard of has even come near to the intense amount of application this one has to offer…”

Here is a success story from a recent recipient of the Associate of Applied Science in Management and Administration Degree from Hubbard College, after successfully completing the final internship required to earn this degree:

“I noticed I had much ease in applying the tools I learned throughout my entire Degree Program at Hubbard College. In fact it was so second-nature to me that I didn’t even have to refer to my packs to recall how to do things: I just DID them and the outcome was successful.

“It’s so amazing what having all that knowledge AND being able to use it can do for an individual (small scale), his department (medium scale) and for his entire activity/organization (large scale).

“No college program that I’ve heard of has even come near to the intense amount of application this one has to offer. It applies to EVERYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF.

“And it’s not even that hard to learn the technology as it gives you the most simple methods to handle the BIG obstacles in life.

“I’m a perfect example of this (not to boast) for I achieved higher success in three weeks at the company I interned at than my predecessor had accomplished in 7 months.

That is the defining line in the ability one has after finishing this program: immense success, knowledge of theory and the dexterity to bring that knowledge out into the physical universe and cause exactly what he wants to cause.

“I thank Hubbard College for all the wonderful tools it has bestowed upon me on this Degree Program and look forward to more success in the future from applying them”

Alex E

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