Career Education: A Graduate’s Perspective

HCA Parent Alumni Blog 3, Hubbard College of AdministrationHello everyone!!! I’m so happy to write some words about my life now after I graduated Hubbard College of Administration.

After I completed my Associate Degree a month ago I came back home to Russia. Everything is fine with me I found a job that I wanted in the Central Training Company, which is a WISE consulting company. It is really great as I will be able to work in the company that applies Administrative Technology and advises others to help them to expand their businesses and be more prosperous. I work with very enthusiastic people in a productive atmosphere! It is a great opportunity for me to get a super experience.

But honestly when I first came home some of my friends were doubtful that I would find a job so fast. So many people around me were talking about financial crisis and that it is very difficult to find a job and a lot of similar stuff. But I understood that they just didn’t have the knowledge, which I’ve obtained from being a student of Hubbard College of Administration. I remember about using an intention and being enthusiastic. I applied correct conditions and as a result I got what I wanted.

It is only a beginning of my career but with a Hubbard College of Administration Associate Degree my chances to be successful in this world are very high! I really believe in it. Now I even more clearly can see how valuable this career education is.

P/S I so miss the friendly Hubbard College of Administration atmosphere! I will always remember that happy time:-)

By Elena Kalinina, a Russian student from Moscow who recently completed the associate degree program at the Hubbard College of Administration (HCA), Los Angeles, CA.