A Good Impression- from Bridgette

Dear Hubbard College,

I recently received your DVD regarding your college and I wanted to share with you how professional and informative it was. I really enjoyed hearing the student’s feedback. They looked like strong, healthy minded individuals. From their own attestation, this has a lot to do with your institution.

From a community and business standpoint, I was very surprised and impressed on how many who were in leadership positions endorse and support your establishment. It was very impressive.

However, my very favorite was hearing from the parents. Wow, that was moving. You could see on every single parents face the love for their children as well as the genuine thanks and appreciation for what the college has done for them. In every parent’s story, there was that sign of such relief and confidence that they were not going to have to worry about their child anymore, that they had accomplished what all parents want for their children, and that is the knowledge that they will be able to take care of themselves. That is what being a parent is all about, helping that individual to prepare for life. It’s not that your job as a parent is ever done, but knowing that your child can take care of himself takes a huge weight off of your shoulders and changes the game completely. As a parent, you are now coasting and reaping the benefits of all of your hard work. Looks like these parents have accomplished that.

Kudos to you Hubbard College!

With Love,

Bridgette Wechsler