Curriculum Guide

About the HCA Curriculum

The Hubbard College of Administration curriculum is designed and published for educational purposes. These works have proven invaluable to thousands of successful business owners, executives, managers, and employees all over the world. Anyone who wants to learn more about the survival of groups, managing the growth of organizations, or some other element of managing a successful business or group will find the curriculum to be refreshingly practical and remarkably easy to put into application.

    HCA Management Articles 

    The organizational concepts, breakthroughs, and systems covered in the various articles comprising the HCA Management Article Booklets should be studied and applied by the entire group, company, or organization.

    The Management Article Booklets are individually-titled and are an efficient way to train staff in a specific area and are singularly effective in forming agreements and improving teamwork within a group or organization. 

    HCA Management Courses

    • The HCA Courses are designed for students enrolled in Hubbard College of Administration International’s degree and certificate programs. The certificate programs fully train an individual on a specific aspect of business, while the degree program earns an Associate of Applied Science Degree, specializing in management.
    • These courses are also delivered around the world both online and in person by regional HCAs and licensed consultants and trainers certified to deliver these courses by the Hubbard College of Administration.
    • HCA Course materials may only be sold to consultants and trainers certified by a Hubbard College of Administration to deliver the courses.

    The HCA Courses can be studied in a structured sequence, but the study can also begin with a specific subject including:

    • Management
    • Human Resources
    • Sales
    • Finance
    • Operations
    • Quality Control
    • Marketing and Public Relations

    A complete training lineup for a company executive would consist of these courses in this sequence:

    1. Executive Basics
    2. Personal Integrity
    3. Ups and Down in Life
    4. How to Get Along with Others
    5. Improving Business Through Communication
    6. How to Get Things Done
    7. How to Evaluate and Predict Human Behavior
    8. Surveys
    9. Marketing
    10. Public Relations
    11. Formulas for Business Success
    12. Management by Statistics
    13. Ethics for Business Survival
    14. Basic Organization
    15. How to Increase Efficiency in Your Company
    16. How to Increase Profits Through Proper Financial Planning
    17. Effective Leadership
    18. How to Make Planning Become an Actuality
    19. How to Write Effective Company Policy

    For an employee, in addition to the materials needed for their particular position, a recommended sequence is:

    1. Improving Business Through Communication
    2. How to Effectively Handle Work
    3. Formulas for Business Success
    4. Personal Integrity
    5. Ups and Downs in Life
    6. How to Get Along with Others


    Each HCA Course contains Theory and Practical sections. The Theory sections are presented in a way that is easy to understand with numerous illustrations to help the student better grasp what they’re studying. The Practical sections require that the students do essays and exercises to ensure that the student will be able to use the materials and get results quickly. The HCA Management Article Booklets consist of articles and references and do not contain practical exercises, each publication contains a glossary of terms.


    Contact us if you need help determining which courses and curriculum would be most suited to your needs.