Internship Success From Athens, Greece

The following is a recent success story from a student doing an internship
via the Hubbard College of Administration. The internship program enables students to gain real-life experience applying the materials they have studied to produce real-world results, making them a valuable asset in any organization.

My internship gave me more than I expected.

First of all I learned how to write programs and get them followed through to the end. This is very important as one needs to follow the steps that have been thought-out and put in the right order to accomplish anything. The help from Hubbard College on this was really appreciated as they guided me to create real operating programs that lead to results.

Through the action of getting other people to follow orders I found out how important it is to write programs and orders on a gradient and in their own sphere of reality. There were things that I believed other people knew and should apply easily, but I found out they really couldn’t and that one must cut the gradient to get a result.

I used standard Hubbard Administrative Tech in a successful company in the U.S. and also in an unsuccessful one in Greece and I got results at both.

Applying my program to the first business resulted in more order and coordination. Personnel learned what an org board is and their positions in it. This actually made them happier and more secure while at the same time, they had a healthy stat improvement.

Prior to this, I thought that only businesses that had problems needed me. Now I know this tech can and should be applied at all businesses, specially in successful ones, as they need real help to go on being successful.

That was a big change in my viewpoint.

In Greece I helped a company that was in liability by putting order in so they could get their sales up. My program got them out of apathy and working to sell and get their stats up to a healthy range. From this I learned that putting in ethics and applying some control results in finding the real treasure in any business: able personnel that can get it going again.

I had to take full responsibility for this company and overcome many obstacles but with the help of my apprenticeship supervisor I got over the difficulties and helped change their lives.

Their stats are going up, and more importantly, they are using Hubbard Administrative Tech.

Before, there was “no hope” — now they know they can make it no matter what: they know there is a solution.

I also now see how easily my country could get over its difficulties and rise again to the glory it deserves. Sane, ethical people with good intentions using Hubbard Administrative Technology and some positive control, is all it would take to reveal my country’s real treasure.

What I have gained from this application is certainty in Hubbard Administration Technology and the amazing results it can give in practically “reviving” the dead.

It is one thing to have the theory of a subject: it’s a totally different thing to be able to apply it in real life. The internship gives you the certainty you need for the standard application that gets results. I had great support from Hubbard College in successfully applying my program and the necessary orders despite being many, many miles away and in a chaotic business environment, as exists in Greece today.

I want to thank the Hubbard College team that helped me through this experience as it strengthened my intention to apply Hubbard Administrative Technology and so fulfill my dreams.

I want also to thank my brother Alex Alemis for his support and for introducing me to Hubbard College, and of course thanks to the man that is behind all this, L. Ron Hubbard, who spent his life giving us the tools to help each other do better in life.

I look forward to continuing my studies at Hubbard College and business people looking for real solutions should do the same, as the results are very fast.

Thank you.

With respect to the amazing job you are doing,

Kyriaki Alemi

Athens Greece