Survey Apprenticeship Success

The following is a recent success story from a student doing an apprenticeship via the Hubbard College of Administration International. Apprenticeships enable students to gain real-life experience applying the materials they have studied to produce real-world results,  making them a valuable asset in any organization.

After studying for so many years, it was hard to imagine that a simple doingness could teach so much more than just studying.

As a matter of fact, there is no way that studying alone can be substituted for doing. I had always agreed with this concept as it is quite obvious that it would be true. However, once I experienced this for myself, it destroyed all the false data I ever had about studying.

When I first started the Survey Apprenticeship, there were a lot of considerations and barriers: I could not imagine myself being able to approach the target public (doctors) out on the street to ask them questions. After actually doing this for a while, it became so simple that I wondered why I ever had any consideration on this at all!

By actually asking these doctors questions I was able to really grasp their viewpoint. Only after I asked questions and I saw the reactions was I able to understand the kind of questions I needed to write to elicit a useful response.

The next set of questions was fantastic and I was very happy with them as I knew they would yield useful results.

On the later part of the survey process, what blew me away was was the consistency of the answers when approaching the correct public. When first testing the questions with my friends and family, I was not getting a clear direction. However when I approached the doctors, they gave me a stream of similar answers — it was fantastic to see!

Of course all this information was in the survey pack and I studied and understood it and it all made sense to me. However, the information became MINE only after I applied it.

Now I OWN this information — it is mine to apply forever: I don’t have to worry about ever forgetting it compared to traditional study methods.

Helen Kizler                                                                                                                   Survey Course Apprenticeship

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