Training Success

The following is a success story from a sales professional while on a course based on The Complete Guide to Successful Selling book, along with the companion Complete Guide to Successful Selling Workbook. This program covers the precise technology vital to successful sales at all levels.

Doing the ‘Complete Guide to Successful Selling Professional Sales Course’ while on a new sales job proved very beneficial!

I improved my understanding of establishing and continuing my relationships with prospects and found the section on ‘Control’ very helpful in spotting a weak point I had in selling and the course has given me something I can do about it.

I am feeling more confident in my sales activities because I can see what I am doing right, where I can improve and how to improve.

The course is easy to do, with well-organized data that helps one really look at the sales cycle, break it down into its parts and therefore make it possible to strengthen the whole by strengthening the parts.

I like the practical exercises and demonstrations as they help cement and expand my understanding of the principles involved.  It is great to study from the viewpoint of selling my product and specifically using these principles to improve my sales.

I feel more certain as to what I need to do to increase my sales and I am sure I will be able to do so by better applying the materials of the course.

In the first week after starting the course, I got 3 sales at the beginning of the month, which is a very good statistic!

I look forward to doing the rest of the course and therefore increasing my skills even more!